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  • BOINC lets you help cutting-edge science research using your computer. The BOINC app, running on your computer, downloads scientific computing jobs and runs them invisibly in the background. It's easy and safe.

  • About 30 science projects use BOINC. They investigate diseases, study climate change, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.

  • The BOINC and Science United projects are located at the University of California, Berkeley and are supported by the National Science Foundation.
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To contribute to science areas (biomedicine, physics, astronomy, and so on) use Science United. Your computer will help current and future projects in those areas.

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News from BOINC Projects

[LODA] Project update: 120k programs milestone reached!

We celebrate a new project milestone: more than 120k programs and 47k formulas for integer sequences have been found so far. A big Thank You! and shout out to all contributors of the LODA project!

During the last weeks and months, the mining rate (number of found programs) decreased, but we maintain a steady pace. At this point it is difficult to estimate how the rate will develop. During the last days we found many new programs for decimal expansions of log-constants. This is encouraging as we hope to find more programs for decimal expansions of irrational numbers.

In terms of tooling, we spend quite some effort in machine-learning and GPU-based program mining. These approaches yielded already some first findings, but they are still in an experimental phase and not ready for an integration in BOINC. In the coming weeks, we plan to invest more time again into our core mining app to increase the mining rate and improve the quality of the existing programs. Please continue your support for the project!

View article · Fri, 26 May 2023 21:00:17 +0000

[NFS@home] NFS@Home will be offline Saturday, May 27

The NFS@Home project will be offline much of the day on Saturday, May 27, due to campus IT maintenance and testing. All access should be restored by 8pm PDT.

Greg Childers

View article · Fri, 26 May 2023 17:40:13 +0000

[SRBase] base R622 Megaprime / proven

IDEA, a member of the team Idea Digital Imaging found a megaprime for base R622.
The prime 78*622^402915-1 has 1.125.662 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. With this find it is also proven the base!

View article · Thu, 25 May 2023 07:37:22 +0000

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Welcome YAFU
The goal of the YAFU project is to factor numbers of up to 149 digits which are needed to bring Aliquot Sequences to a size of at least 140.
25 Apr 2023, 8:26:52 UTC · Discuss

BOINC wiki now on Github
The BOINC wiki, which contains technical documentation for scientists and developers, has been moved from Trac to the BOINC Github repository.
25 Apr 2023, 0:14:28 UTC · Discuss

BOINC workshop video
A video of the recent BOINC workshop is now available on YouTube.
16 Mar 2023, 8:06:31 UTC · Discuss

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