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7:21 PM UTC, December 09 2007
subscribing to projects required too much effort
10:41 PM UTC, December 31 2007
running Linux but BOINC manager did not install
12:26 AM UTC, January 04 2008
It\'s a pity you only offer help through Explorer. I use Firefox and I won\'t use IE just to run your program
9:00 PM UTC, January 04 2008
This is one hard Project to Link too. NOT STRAIGHT FORWARD. LOST ME.
3:10 AM UTC, January 06 2008
The Screen Saver doesn\'t work ... no matter what I do it says \"Boinc is currently suspended\".
11:19 PM UTC, January 18 2008
the so-called secure features for OsX were quite intrusive (hidden groups and users are really not necessary or a good idea)
1:17 AM UTC, January 21 2008
8:57 AM UTC, January 27 2008
non riesco a connettermi ai progetti (ho tentato BAM ma Boic Manager mi dice di non riuscire a collegarsi a localhost)
9:40 AM UTC, March 16 2008
not much work for us Mac OSX PowerPC users
5:03 AM UTC, March 24 2008
I was previously participating in Seti@Home but lost interest shortly before BOINC was introduced, and I seem to recall I also had difficulty working out how to transfer accumulated Seti credits to BOINC.
10:11 AM UTC, April 14 2008
файлы не закачиваются!
11:27 AM UTC, April 14 2008
I swithced from UD to BOINC, but the password contains characters Ä and Ö and BOINC does not accept this.
1:42 AM UTC, April 18 2008
setiathome was great \'till it got absorbed by boinc
12:26 PM UTC, September 03 2008
7:04 PM UTC, October 04 2008
7:05 PM UTC, October 04 2008
7:05 PM UTC, October 04 2008