Old responses
11:54 PM UTC, December 21 2007
OS reinstall
3:36 PM UTC, December 23 2007
It quit working & I don\'t know why or how to get it running again
10:02 AM UTC, December 26 2007
None support for windows NT 4.0
12:28 PM UTC, December 31 2007
po havarii jsem neobnovil
11:05 PM UTC, January 02 2008
I couldn\'t hook up because I couldn\'t find my password and login
12:26 AM UTC, January 04 2008
I couldn\'t get it started
7:11 PM UTC, January 04 2008
es unter Windows Vista x64 nicht korrekt funktioniert
9:08 AM UTC, January 11 2008
problemi al mio computer
12:28 AM UTC, January 13 2008
cannot get help with screen saver!!!
2:34 AM UTC, January 13 2008
Constant messages saying no disk space on my new 200 gig hd!
11:16 AM UTC, January 14 2008
moved to vista, which blocks it on startup
9:35 PM UTC, January 18 2008
I kept getting C++ library failure messages that were interrupting other work.
8:51 PM UTC, January 19 2008
Every time I have tried to install in the last year, the program will not start on startup. In addition, the screen saver does not work because of this. Thanks for stopping me from helping.
5:15 PM UTC, January 20 2008
I thought it was rubbish, tbh, and less efficient than the previous stand alone seti
12:29 PM UTC, January 23 2008
It doesen\'t work with Windows Vista.
1:31 PM UTC, January 25 2008
anscheinend werden die Prozesse mit einer h旦heren Priorit辰t gestartet, so das iTunes beim Abspielen immer wieder kurz unterbrochen wird. Ich stelle die Rechenzeit meines Computers freiwillig und kostenlos zur Verf端gung, da kann ich davon ausgehen, dass Sie auch sorgsam mit meinen Ressourcen umgehen. Ist das nicht so, m端ssen Sie auf meine Ressourcen verzichten.
2:22 AM UTC, February 09 2008
Unacceptable conflict with ZoneAlarm last fall. Couldn\'t get it to stop doing the internal communication blinking.
2:03 PM UTC, February 10 2008
mangelnde Informationen durch Projektbetreiber; keine Zertifikate mehr wie beim Ur-Seti
7:46 PM UTC, February 15 2008
i pc problems, reformatted, then got a new pc, which im now running it on :-)
5:43 AM UTC, February 18 2008
new computer
3:42 PM UTC, February 22 2008
el tiempo de ejecucion del programa no se corresponde con el real
8:57 PM UTC, February 24 2008
Berkeley city actions towards military
4:23 AM UTC, February 29 2008
The unforgivable attitude and actions of the city of berkeley city council and the university towards the marine corp.
8:17 AM UTC, March 03 2008
Lost computer
7:18 AM UTC, March 04 2008
I\'ve upgraded to a different computer, and never reinstalled. Also, BOINC is not available for PPC linux.
3:41 PM UTC, March 13 2008
does not support Graphic card acceleration (8800 GTX)
12:40 PM UTC, March 26 2008
9:10 AM UTC, April 20 2008
You are using my personal pc for exploitation.
4:09 PM UTC, August 01 2008
lo us辿 por a単os y lo dej辿 porque no funciona bien con Windows Vista
4:26 PM UTC, August 31 2008
Ich Probleme bei der Installation auf Linux Suse 10.x hatte.
7:04 PM UTC, October 04 2008
7:05 PM UTC, October 04 2008
7:05 PM UTC, October 04 2008
6:49 AM UTC, October 28 2008
3:01 PM UTC, November 15 2008
I can\'t get it to connect to project