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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

For those who were wondering, the decic apps on Gerasim are helping to complete the final search over subfield 3.


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[World Community Grid] SCC Project starts a new phase in their quest for curing childhood cancers

The SCC project has entered the next phase of the research and new workunits have been prepared for the BOINC restart.

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[World Community Grid] Research update from the MCM team (March 2023)

The MCM team’s research into lung cancer biomarkers has identified 26 genes that are present with top scores across all the signature sizes considered. This update focuses on VAMP1, a gene linked to patient survival and differentially expressed in normal lung compared to lung cancer.

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[WEP-M+2] 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...

...405866 times - still no sign of any larger factors

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[Yoyo@home] M Queens 27 additional workunits

We have to process some additional workunits. Some returned already.

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[World Community Grid] Research update from the ARP team (March 2023)

A short update from the ARP team, including details about the changes they are making to their storage system.

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[World Community Grid] Hardware Recovery Update

The website has been restarted and we are working on rebuilding the science database so BOINC can restart soon.

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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Gerasim, file app_config.xml for GPU applications.

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[WEP-M+2] P2203:240000000 wu's (of 10000 trials each equiv.) processed!

Thanks to all the users. Please keep crunching!

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[Einstein@home] News about Einstein@Home searches for radio and gamma-ray pulsars

Dear Einstein@Home volunteers,

read more

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[PrimeGrid] International Women's Day Challenge on March 8th

Welcome back from Tour de Primes! We're kicking off March with a lightning round single-day challenge! Read on... The second challenge of the 2023 Series will be on International Women's Day, a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 as a focal point in the women's rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women. The challenge will be 1-day in duration and offered on the SGS-LLR application, beginning 08 March 15:00 UTC and ending 09 March 15:00 UTC. To participate in the Challenge, please select only the Sophie Germain Prime Search (LLR) project in your PrimeGrid preferences section. Nonplussed? Nostalgic? Nihilistic? Nervous? Newly inspired? Join the discussion at

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[Yoyo@home] M Queens 27 has finished

The M Queens subproject has finished last weekend. No more workunits are distributed. Now we are analyzing the results which are 8 GB of compressed data. Much thanks for your provided work.

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[] ATM

Hello GPUGRID! You‘ve already noticed that a new app called “ATM” has been deployed with some test runs. We are working on its validation and deployment, so expect more jobs to come on this app soon. Let me briefly explain what this new app is about. The ATM application The new ATM application stands for Alchemical Transfer Method, a methodology Emilio Gallicchio et al. designed for absolute and relative binding affinity predictions. The ATM method allows us to estimate binding affinities for molecules against a specific protein, measuring the strength at which they bind. This methodology falls under the category of alchemical free energy calculation methods, where unphysical intermediate states are used to estimate the free energy of physical processes (such as protein-ligand binding). The benefits of ATM, when compared with other common free energy prediction methods (like the popular FEP), come from its simplicity, as it can be used with any forcefield and does not require a lot of expertise to make it work properly. Measuring experimental binding affinities between candidate molecules and the targeted protein is one of the first steps in drug discovery projects, but synthesizing molecules and performing experiments is expensive. Having the capacity to perform computational binding affinity predictions, particularly during drug lead optimization, is extremely beneficial. We are actively working now on testing and validating the ATM method so that we can start applying it to real drug discovery projects as soon as possible. Additionally, since these methods are usually applied to hundreds of molecules, it benefits a lot from the parallelization capabilities of GPUGRID, so if everything goes as expected, this could potentially send lots of work units. The ATM app is based on Python, similar to the PythonRL application, where we ship it with a specific python environment. Here are the two main references for the ATM method, for both absolute and relative binding affinity predictions: Absolute binding free energy estimation with ATM: Relative binding free energy estimation with ATM: For now we are only able to send jobs to Linux machines but we are hoping to have a Windows version soon.

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[SETI@home] Nebula progress report

Check out our latest newsletter: Final update.

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[TN-Grid] Storage problem (again)

As all of you already know we are constantly struggling with our problematic storage. The University have bought a new one and they planned the moving procedure. The HPC cluster should be moved this Monday (March, 6th), the other resources will follow.
I will reasonably shut down the server when needed, I will tell you when as soon as I know the date. Meanwhile the work generator will be active just a few hours a day, so very few workunits will be available.
Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

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[Milkyway@home] New N-Body Runs

Hello everyone,

The following are the new runs for N-Body:


These are our first runs of Palomar 5 with data from SDSS DR17.
Please let me know if there are any issues with these new runs.


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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Привет всем.
После того как мы досчитаем текущие задания, я планирую добавить Герасиму платформу Линукс, и соответственно, приложение для Линукс (ЦПУ). Это может занять 1 день, а может и 1 месяц.
Hi all.
After we count the current tasks, I plan to add the Linux platform to Gerasim, and accordingly, the Linux application (CPU). It may take 1 day, or it may take 1 month.

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[SIDock@home] BOINC merchandise by the Science Commons Initiative

Dear participants,

There is a wonderful new beginning started by the Science Commons Initiative. They launched a web store selling BOINC-related merchandise. SiDock@home is already on board :)

We support this idea and hope it will help more people to know about BOINC and get interested in BOINC projects! It will also contribute to the development of BOINC as 50% of the profits will go to the BOINC Development Fund (100% in special cases). Another 50% of the profit will go to the project as a donation.

With best wishes,
team of SiDock@home

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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Добрый день ребятки.
Тестирование приложения "Get Decic Fields (nVidia)" завершено. Ждём реальных заданий. Если Герасим не даёт вам задания для приложения "Get Decic Fields (nVidia)", - идём на страничку 
и смотрим, есть ли задания для приложения "Get Decic Fields (nVidia)".
Если заданий нет, то дальше можно не смотреть.

Если задания есть, идём на страничку  
. и смотрим настройки. 
Use NVIDIA GPU должно быть разрешено. Получать задания для приложения 
"Get Decic Fields (nVidia)" - тоже.
Если и это не помогло, значит Герасим не умеет изпользовать вашу видеокарту.

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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Первая видеокарта в списке ускорителей вычислений.

Ошибок нет. Через 2-3 дня передам управление приложением "Get Decic Fields (nVidia)" Эрику.
(добавление заданий, кредиты и.т.д. ). 
The first video card in the list of computing accelerators.
There are no errors. In 2-3 days I will transfer control of the "Get Decic Fields (nVidia)" application to Eric Driver
(adding tasks, credits, etc.).


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[Gerasim@Home] Gerasim@home:

Приложение для ГПУ нВидиа почти готово.
Первый, правильно посчитанный результат opencl_nvidia :
Кредитов за посчитанное задание 100.Тестирование продлится 2-3 дня.
The application for the nvidia GPU is almost ready.
First correctly calculated result of opencl_nvidia :
Climed credit: 50. Granted credit: 100.Testing will continue for 2-3 days.

View article · Mon, 20 Feb 2023 18:32:53 +0000

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