How do I install BOINC on my computer?
Windows and MacOS: go here, click Download, and double-click the downloaded file. Other computers: go here for info.
I've installed BOINC - now what?
You need to add one or more projects. BOINC will prompt you to do so when it first runs. You may also click "Add Project" at any time.
The project I want to run is "not available"
Each project operates its own server and web site, and these are sometimes offline for hours or days. Keep trying periodically, and consider attaching to other projects.
BOINC says it can't communicate
Your computer may have "firewall" software that prevents BOINC from performing network communication. Configure your firewall so that BOINC's programs (boinc.exe and boincmgr.exe) are allowed to communicate.
BOINC makes my laptop's fan run all the time
BOINC may cause your computer to run hot. You can reduce this by limiting the percentage of time that BOINC is allowed to compute. This is one of many preferences that you can control.
How can I get BOINC to use my NVIDIA or ATI GPU?
If your computer has an NVIDIA or ATI GPU with up-to-date driver software, and you're attached to a project that has GPU applications, BOINC will automatically use your GPU for computing when you're not at the computer. More details are here.

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